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Transition to school: Connecting teachers, educators and families

At MHH, we recently hosted a special evening with representative teachers from local schools, as well as families, and our own teachers and educators.

We did this to help build connection and continuity between children, families, schools and our Early Childhood setting. Both research and experience, has taught as that these seemingly simple concepts are actually the key ingredients to a successful start to school.

This was a wonderful opportunity for our MHH teachers to explain how they are working to prepare children for school. It also provided the opportunity for school teachers to provide personalised tips on how to support a smooth transition, and families to ask questions.

This opportunity only strengthened our belief in the value of creating and maintains these connections for, and with, children. We look forward to where these connections will take our MHH children into the future.

A big thank you to all of those schools and families who were able to attend.

If you weren’t able to make it to this event, we still look forward to connecting in more ways in the near future. Our special Support for School packs are also heading home with MHH children who are heading off to school in 2024.


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