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About Us

Let the wonder begin...

Are you curiouser and curiouser? Do you want to know more about what we are all about at Mad Hatter House? Scroll on to find out more about what we stand for, meet our team and get a glimpse into our wonderful and very unique learning environment. 

Our Philosophy

Our Environment

In a magical setting of secret garden's and adventure spaces, Mad Hatter House has three unique spaces each catering to children of different ages. Each space is both home-like (with the room for our youngest children being a literal house!), and are designed to encourage creativity, problem-solving, cognitive skills and much more! 

Our Learning Spaces


Nonna's Nook

Nonna's Nook is home to our youngest learners, around the ages 0-2. In Nonna's Nook our babies are nurtured, and strong relationships with educators are just the beginning. Nonna's is a home away from home. 

Grandma's Gables

Children enter Grandma's Gables at around the age of two. Educators in Grandma's provides a warm and welcoming environment for children to continue their exploration of self, where they learn not only from educators but with peers. 

Poppy's Place

From around the age of three, children venture into the magical world of Poppy's Place. The Poppy's Educators support children to navigate the world around them with a focus on learning skills for life. Here children are also part of a SCATTERS Support for School Program.

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