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Early Literacy: At any age, all the time

The skills children need to read, write and communicate are all set-up in early childhood.

Early language and literacy ski

lls include a whole range of modes including:

    ⁃    music,

    ⁃    movement,

    ⁃    gesture,

    ⁃    dance,

    ⁃    song,

    ⁃    drama,

    ⁃    storytelling,

    ⁃    visual arts,

    ⁃    digital literacies,

    ⁃    media,

    ⁃    listening,

    ⁃    talking,

    ⁃    singing,

    ⁃    viewing,

    ⁃    reading,

    ⁃    and writing

As Early Childhood Educators, we support children to develop positive attitudes towards early language and literacy. We know that being able to communicate, express oneself and engage with others are all key in developing a positive self-identity.

At Mad Hatter House we try support children in those area by,

    ⁃    incorporating literacy into every aspect of our program

    ⁃    balancing child-initiated activities with teacher-led early literacy activities and,

    ⁃    being learners ourselves


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