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With connection a key pillar of our MHH Philosophy, we want educators, children and families to feel that they are connected to one another, and to the environment around us.

This concept of connection is closely related to the concept of sustainability. According to the Early Years Learning Framework Australia V.20

"Broadly defined, sustainability spans environmental, social and economic dimensions, which are intertwined" (2022)

At Mad Hatter House there has been a growing interests in the environmental pillar of sustainability. Educators at MHH have been supporting children to develop these important views of connection and nurturing.

They have been introducing children to more and more ways by which they can contribute to a more sustainable world; reducing waste, recycling, water conservation, learning about biodiversity and much more.

Going forward we hope to seek out First Nations perspectives on ways for Caring for Country, acknowledging the wealth of knowledge First Nations communities have about sustainability and connection.

We also welcome input from out broader community. If you feel that you have a green thumb, a passion for waste reduction, or any other skills or knowledge about caring for our environment, we'd love to hear from you.


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