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"Every Child is an Artist" - Pablo Picasso

The value of visual arts should not be underestimated. For babies and young children, art is an opportunity for self-expression, connecting with the world around them and consolidating learning. It also allows for the development of skills we expect, like strengthening fine motor skills from holding a pencil or paintbrush, or working clay.

However it also provides opportunities for social skill development, problem solving, and supports well-being. It is also a way to connect with and explore culture and identity.

Teachers and educators at Mad Hatter House play many roles, as they support children in their artistic expressions. Educators take time to provide spaces where materials are available and accessible and inviting.

They also help children develop skills for working with different materials, support their language development as they discuss their artworks, provide provocations by other artists, or encourage artistic expression as a way to express or consolidate learning from other parts of the program.

Our educators are continually reflecting on how they can further support children's artistic


If you are someone with a creative spirit, and can see yourself volunteering some of your artistic ideas we'd love to hear from you!


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