Childcare Policies & Risk Assessments

The National Quality Framework has been designed to encourage continuous improvement of education and care services across Australia. One of its important features is that it sets out a series of National Quality Standards (NQS) against which all childhood education and care services will be assessed and given a rating.

The seven quality areas are:

1. Educational program and practice.
2. Children’s health and safety.
3. The physical environment.
4. Staffing arrangements.
5. Relationships with children.
6. Collaborative partnerships with families and communities.
7.Governance and Leadership.

Mad Hatter policies and procedures are built on these key seven areas. You can find more information about the NQF and NQS at

If you would like a copy of any regulation document, please speak with the Centre Director or contact us on Ph 0448609690


Transport Risk Assessment - Wauchope Public School


General Excursion Risk Assessment - Bain Park


General Excursion Risk Assessment - IGA


Transport Risk Assessment - St Joseph's Primary School


General Excursion Risk Assessment - Old Park