Our Philosophy

We believe that each child learns in his or her own individual way through open-ended exploration and play. We believe in the power of children’s interest as a tool for learning and the importance of providing opportunities and resources to extend and develop these interests. 


By allowing Children choices and by encouraging them to explore, co-operate, experiment, create, ask questions, interact, investigate, discover and express themselves, the child is seen as a capable and resourceful contributor to the program. 


The process of development is internally driven and influenced by their interactions and relationships with others. Children’s development is viewed holistically and the developmental domains of social, emotional, cognitive, physical and language skills are integrally interwoven into the curriculum.  

We value the inclusion of children from diverse backgrounds and encourage the celebration of cultures and linguistic diversity of the children in our service. We also recognise the positive attributes that children with disabilities can bring to our service and offer an inclusive and equitable program for these children. 


We recognise the imperative role played by all stakeholders in the service including children, families, professionals, professional advisors and the local community. We understand the invaluable contribution these stakeholders can make to the quality of our service and seek to include them in all aspects of programming and policy development. 

We understand the importance of our staff for providing the highest quality care for all children in our care. Accordingly, we believe in the employment of staff with a sincere commitment to the education of children, and whom demonstrate respect, attention, and understanding of the children and interact with them in a positive and caring manner. We believe in the importance of ongoing internal and external training for all members of staff and management to help us meet the best needs of the children. 


Quality Practice is ensured through ongoing self-evaluation and training by all members of staff, alongside frequent consultation with stakeholders. 

We believe in the importance of the physical environment for providing an atmosphere, which is both inviting and stimulating. The importance of nature and an appreciation of these natural surroundings are seen as essential elements in a child’s learning. The service sees health, safety and protection of children as being of paramount importance, and the service implements policies that reflect this.